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Yin & Yang and Human Beings

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) theory, life of human beings consists of Yin and Yangsubstances: the mind belongs to Yang, the body belongs to Yin; Fu belongs to Yang, Zang belongs to Yin; Qi belongs to Yang, Blood belongs to Yin; the outside belongs to Yang, the inside belongs to Yin; the up body belongs to Yang, the lower body belongs to Yin; the front of body belongs to Yang, the back of body belongs to Yin......

It is the interaction between Yin and Yang creates the life. According to TCM theory, the balance between Yin and Yang after their interaction means health; the imbalance of them means subhealth, if serious degree, the diseases appear, if Yang leaves Yin, life is over. So in ancient China, people focus on keeping the balance of Yin and Yang, but people will ask how can keep the balance of Yin and Yang? Before we talk this question, we should tell you how can make the imbalance between Yin and Yang.According to TCM, babies' Yin and Yang are in balance condition, they not know what is worry, what is happy, all day they live in their naive world, as they grow up, there are three facts influencing them:

The first is the seven human emotions (i.e. joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate and desire), if people hurt by the seven emotions, we call NeiShangQiQing (internal damage by the excessive seven emotions)in Etiology of TCM. In western medicine theory, there is no description about the seven emotions and the diseases, on the contrary,they put most excessive emotions people into madhouse, but the mind is what TCM studys and uses, the western medicine mainly focus on external factors such as bacteria, virus, cigarets etc.

The second is Six Excessive Atmospheric Factors (i.e. Wind, Cold, Heat, Damp, Dryness, Fire), if people hurt by them, we call WaiShangLiuYin (external damage by the excessive atmospheric factors), in Etiology of TCM.In western medicine theory, there is few correct description about the weather and the disease, even the CO2 Greenhouse Effect is told to be a lie by some conspiratorial scientists, I got this information from the Media report about COPENHAGEN Climate Conference 2009, but the weather is what TCM studys and uses.

The third is Food, Work and Leisure. If eating and drinking without temperance, immoderate work and leisure,the balance of Yin and yang also will be damaged.During the experience of the life, people's Yin and Yang become imbalance under the influence of above conditions, and various diseases appear.

To keep or recover the balance of Yin and Yang, people should notice below:

1. To make your mind calm, peaceful and broad (Mind is Power Source);

2. To practise excercise which belongs to you (Excercise is Power Channel);

3. To promise Nutritional management (Foods and Drinks is Power Support);

4. To take correct medicine treatment (Medicine is Power Supplement).
Yin & Yang Balance is Power!!!!!!
rheubeat is supportive of Yin & Yang, the key balance in TCM to allow the body to heal!
Dr Wang
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