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Millettia Dielsiana Harms

Pharmaceutical Name: Radix et Caulis Jixueteng

Latin Botanical Name: Millettia Dielsiana Harms

Common Name: Diel's millettia (Millettia Dielsiana)

Properties: Bitter, slightly sweet, warm and nontoxic.

Channels Entered: Heart, spleen, liver.

Actions & Indications:
Rheumatoid arthritis, especially with blood deficiency and blood stasis; irregular menses, flow of menses not smooth, menostasis due to blood deficient,
suitable for diseases due to blood deficiency or blood stasis; low platelet count;
seguelae of strokes, combine other herbs with blood and qi tonic properties; blood deficiency, combine other herbs with qi and blood tonic properties.

Medical functions:
1. Decoction of Millettia Dielsiana Harms or Spatholobus suberectus Dunn, showed that it could improve the anemia condition (created in laboratory) of rabbits and possessed anti-inflammatory effect.

2. Small amount can enhance the rhythmic contraction of the uteri of rabbits, and in larger amount the effect is even stronger. Conceived uteri are sensitive.

3. Decoction of Millettia Dielsiana can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus

4. Decoction of Millettia Dielsiana enhance the function of macrophages and improve immune system.

5. Inhibits platelet coagulation caused by adenosine diphosphate (in vitro), thus lower the vaso-resistance and improved the circulation of the coronary arteries and the circulation in the thigh.

6. Improved the low white cell count of lab mice caused by cyclophosphamide.

7. Lowered total cholesterol and increased the low density cholesterol of quails

Cautions: Use with care for those with yinxu with fire syndrome.

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